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Su-22UM3K advanced two-seat trainer (Export vers.)

1:72 €30.00
€30.00 (без ДДС)

Макети Разпродажба

Su-17UM3 advanced two-seat trainer

1:72 €29.50
€29.50 (без ДДС)

Макети Разпродажба

XP-55 Ascender (re-release)

1:48 €28.10
€28.10 (без ДДС)

In late ‘30s, US Army Air Corp announced tender for aircraft with improved performance, armament, and pilot visibility over existing fighters. Al...

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Mirage IIIE fighter-bomber

1:72 €25.60
€25.60 (без ДДС)

Mirage-IIIE was the most massively produced modification of the entire Mirage-III family of aircrafts. It was designed as an all-weather strike/m...

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Mirage IV A Strategic bomber

1:72 €22.50
€22.50 (без ДДС)

The  Mirage IV was a French jet-propelled supersonic strategic bomber and deep-reconnaissance aircraft. It entered service with the French Air Fo...

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HA-300 Light interceptor

1:72 €23.30
€23.30 (без ДДС)

The Helwan HA-300 (Arabic: حلوان ٣٠٠‎) was a single-engine, delta-wing, light supersonic Interceptor aircraftdeveloped in Egypt during the 1960s....

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