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Tu-22KD "Shilo" Medium bomber

1:72 €54.50
€54.50 (без ДДС)

Макети Предложения

DA-42 "Dominator" UAV

1:72 €22.50
€22.50 (без ДДС)

medium-altitude and long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle

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P1.HH Hammerhead (Demo) UAV

1:72 €23.90
€23.90 (без ДДС)

medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft system (UAS)

Макети Предложения

Yak-9T anti-tank WWII soviet fighter

1:48 €24.90
€24.90 (без ДДС)

(3 camo schemes including Yak-9T of Normandy regiment, pilot. Pierre Pouyade)

Макети Предложения

IL-102 Experimental ground-attack aircraft

1:72 €31.00
€31.00 (без ДДС)

The Ilyushin IL-102 was an experimental jet-powered ground-attack aircraft designed by Ilyushin. This aircraft was never chosen for production, being surpassed by the Su-25, and only a few development prototypes were built.

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Ye-2A Pre-series light interceptor

1:72 €24.50
€24.50 (без ДДС)

By early 1954, the MiG OKB was involved in a design programme with the objective of developing a comparatively lightweight interceptor fighter ca...

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